Lord of the Rings, and Alnwick Castle

Greetings denizens of the interweb! It's us at THCCo again!

We've been a bit busy following IMCF what with shows and training and all that!

So, what on earth have we been doing? Well if you head over to our YouTube channel you can see all the work behind the shows and events in our "What a Week That Was" videos - but we'll give you a quick run down!


The lads got busy at Alnwick Castle for the return of "Harry's Boys". Back for it's second year at this amazing venue our team have expanded and developed our 15th Century show to include more fighting, actually hitting each other and a visit from the Barber Surgeon. Gordon had expressed an interest in performing a Barber Surgeon routine as a tribute to our much loved, and sadly missed friend Mr William D'Olney, so we thought what better place to air the show than the seat of the true lords of the North. Gordon learned the "Science" of medicine from Will whilst performing along side him a few years ago. Will sadly lost his battle with myeloma blood cancer last year and the team felt it was fitting to continue the great man's legacy. The show was brilliantly received and Gordon even had to have a little cry afterwards. From all of us at THCCo we'd like to pass on our well wishes to his family and say that he was an inspiring and wonderful gentleman. Although Gordon described him as "The greatest Silk stocking full of *expletive deleted* I've ever had the miss fortune to meet!" - We'll miss you Andy/Will - keep the benches warm in the halls for us, and don't drink all the mead, we'll see you again!


Following the shows at Alnwick we barely had time to catch our breath before it was back into practice mode for the team and rehearsals for the Wildflower Cafe's Lord of The Rings Supper Club. James and Gordon donned costume to entertain the diners with a fight routine and a LOAD or LOTR lore set in a time less well known than the famous franchise. The venue had it's own specific set of challenges, but the guys performed brilliantly and delighted their audience! We're really looking forward to working with the team from Wildflower again in the future.

So, what's next? Well we've got training weekends and shows a plenty coming up aswell as our GLADIATOR CHALLENGE! - Stay tuned for updates.