IMCF World Champoionships

Some of the team headed North earlier this month to help with the International Medieval Combat Federation's World Championships at Scone Palace and what a week they had!

The guys were involved in pretty much everything from building the tournament lists and setting up the fighters camps right through to greeting the team captains as they arrived and assisting the teams at the lists. James and Gordon even managed to borrow some armour to get stuck in to the all v all round on the final day - it's safe to say everyone who went to IMCF worked hard and played hard.

The team met some fantastic international friends and we now have invites to go all over the globe - from South Africa to USA to Thailand. It truly was an international spectacle, shared with some of the nicest people you could hope to get punched in the head by.

The whole team that went have all got the buhurt bug and will be adding HMB into their training regimes with several of our members planning on competing in the future.

Sitting in front of the computer and writing this makes me reflect on what a bizarre and wonderful world sword fighting is! From stage and screen right through to full contact competition, we keep meeting great people and keep having great times. It's not US v THEM, it's not stunts v HEMA or HMB v SCA - it's all for one and all that. We shouldn't be bickering about the differences in techniques, we should be embracing the similarities in passion, drive and enjoyment. I know I certainly will be!

So to all our newfound international friends,

See you in the lists!!


A great shot from IMCF taken by the very talleneted Lukas Kowalonek

A great shot from IMCF taken by the very talleneted Lukas Kowalonek