Winter Is Coming...

No, we’re not doing a Game Of Thrones show…although, we’d like to sometime!!

No, this is an observation and an update for you wonderful folk. As the nights draws in and the air turns cold, our event also draw to and end for the year. Our performers turn their attention more to their skills training and fitness work through the winter months.

Keeping fit out of season can be really difficult, but our team are dedicated to providing you with the very best in combat entertainment and they’re meeting up regularly to practice and train.

So, you’ll not be seeing our guys out and about at museums or shows again until probably March or April time in the new year, but you’ll be able to keep up with goings on, our training and all sorts of other stuff by being AWESOME and subscribing to our YouTube Channel

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So, with that being said - train hard, fight well and keep warm and well fed this winter!

See you soon!