AVAST...Horde of Pirates are coming!

So it's nearly December, and for some folks that means decorations and trees and mince-pies and all that stuff. Not for us! It means PIRATES!

Well, for some of us it means PIRATES! For some of us it means "Stand ready to repel borders" and other such naval malarkey.

Yes, that's right! We're heading to the HMS Trincomalee this coming weekend for a showdown between the Brave fellows of the Hudson Bay Company and the Devious pirates that plagued colonial shipping in the 1800s...

There's loads of stuff going on through the days ranging from a festive market, to Storytelling aboard the magnificent vessel Herself all the way through to fire manipulation and of course our demonstrations of combat!

This means the crew are all busy with prepping costumes, weapons and generally getting their nautical heads on, we can't wait - why don't you come along and join us?

As if further incentive was needed this year marks Her Bi-Centenary, She's the oldest historic fighting ship still afloat. Come along and get all festive and get your hands on history!


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