Behind the Shows...

We've got 11 days until our next training session and 12 days until our next stage show. We're also getting geared up for our next event at the HMS Trincomalee.

So what are we actually doing when we're not at shows?


There's kit maintenance that needs doing almost constantly. This isn't a little job there's all sorts of things that need done between each show like repairing costume and props. The weapons we use are metal and so, require constant attention to keep them rust free and safe to use.

We write our own shows and scripts, so there's always work to be done there. None of our shows are ever "really" finished until we open - we're always tweaking and improving characters etc.

There's all the prep for our SFX, this involves ongoing practice and training, sometimes this is great fun, sometimes it's learning maddening details like composition of casting compounds.

There's all the training the team do too, it's not just one or 2 days a month for most of us - the display team are all working hard on their fitness and skills. Some of the team that are training for HMB/HEMA/Stunts also do regular training in multiple disciplines, gym work and so on!

There's more to a show than meets the eye - over the winter we'll have some "Behind The Shows" videos popping up on our Patreon and Youtube, so make sure you like and follow us on Facebook and twitter to keep up to date!