The Intensive Training Weekend is filling up fast!

With the coming or March also comes our next Training Weekend.
We thought we probably ought to let you know that there are only 6 places left on this weekend's Intensive Training Course! 
So if you're thinking about coming along you need to head on over to the website and book your place to avoid missing out!
Whether you're brand new to dramatic combat or an experienced stage fighter this weekender will help you progress and develop as a performer.
The course structure is designed to allow you to hone your skills with weapons and techniques you are already familiar with or learn brand new weapon sets. With a minimum of 16 hours of hands-on training time at an all weather venue, come rain or shine you’re definitely going to improve!
You will benefit from our experienced team's direction, grow your skill set by sharing with other industry performers. We also conduct video review coaching each day so you can get the most from your training!
What are you waiting for? Get Stuck In and head over to our courses and events page to book.

Winter Is Coming...

No, we’re not doing a Game Of Thrones show…although, we’d like to sometime!!

No, this is an observation and an update for you wonderful folk. As the nights draws in and the air turns cold, our event also draw to and end for the year. Our performers turn their attention more to their skills training and fitness work through the winter months.

Keeping fit out of season can be really difficult, but our team are dedicated to providing you with the very best in combat entertainment and they’re meeting up regularly to practice and train.

So, you’ll not be seeing our guys out and about at museums or shows again until probably March or April time in the new year, but you’ll be able to keep up with goings on, our training and all sorts of other stuff by being AWESOME and subscribing to our YouTube Channel

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By becoming a Patreon and supporting what we do, helping us to create original, interesting and historically correct (mostly) content, films and series!

So, with that being said - train hard, fight well and keep warm and well fed this winter!

See you soon!

Lord of the Rings, and Alnwick Castle

Greetings denizens of the interweb! It's us at THCCo again!

We've been a bit busy following IMCF what with shows and training and all that!

So, what on earth have we been doing? Well if you head over to our YouTube channel you can see all the work behind the shows and events in our "What a Week That Was" videos - but we'll give you a quick run down!


The lads got busy at Alnwick Castle for the return of "Harry's Boys". Back for it's second year at this amazing venue our team have expanded and developed our 15th Century show to include more fighting, actually hitting each other and a visit from the Barber Surgeon. Gordon had expressed an interest in performing a Barber Surgeon routine as a tribute to our much loved, and sadly missed friend Mr William D'Olney, so we thought what better place to air the show than the seat of the true lords of the North. Gordon learned the "Science" of medicine from Will whilst performing along side him a few years ago. Will sadly lost his battle with myeloma blood cancer last year and the team felt it was fitting to continue the great man's legacy. The show was brilliantly received and Gordon even had to have a little cry afterwards. From all of us at THCCo we'd like to pass on our well wishes to his family and say that he was an inspiring and wonderful gentleman. Although Gordon described him as "The greatest Silk stocking full of *expletive deleted* I've ever had the miss fortune to meet!" - We'll miss you Andy/Will - keep the benches warm in the halls for us, and don't drink all the mead, we'll see you again!


Following the shows at Alnwick we barely had time to catch our breath before it was back into practice mode for the team and rehearsals for the Wildflower Cafe's Lord of The Rings Supper Club. James and Gordon donned costume to entertain the diners with a fight routine and a LOAD or LOTR lore set in a time less well known than the famous franchise. The venue had it's own specific set of challenges, but the guys performed brilliantly and delighted their audience! We're really looking forward to working with the team from Wildflower again in the future.

So, what's next? Well we've got training weekends and shows a plenty coming up aswell as our GLADIATOR CHALLENGE! - Stay tuned for updates.



IMCF World Champoionships

Some of the team headed North earlier this month to help with the International Medieval Combat Federation's World Championships at Scone Palace and what a week they had!

The guys were involved in pretty much everything from building the tournament lists and setting up the fighters camps right through to greeting the team captains as they arrived and assisting the teams at the lists. James and Gordon even managed to borrow some armour to get stuck in to the all v all round on the final day - it's safe to say everyone who went to IMCF worked hard and played hard.

The team met some fantastic international friends and we now have invites to go all over the globe - from South Africa to USA to Thailand. It truly was an international spectacle, shared with some of the nicest people you could hope to get punched in the head by.

The whole team that went have all got the buhurt bug and will be adding HMB into their training regimes with several of our members planning on competing in the future.

Sitting in front of the computer and writing this makes me reflect on what a bizarre and wonderful world sword fighting is! From stage and screen right through to full contact competition, we keep meeting great people and keep having great times. It's not US v THEM, it's not stunts v HEMA or HMB v SCA - it's all for one and all that. We shouldn't be bickering about the differences in techniques, we should be embracing the similarities in passion, drive and enjoyment. I know I certainly will be!

So to all our newfound international friends,

See you in the lists!!


A great shot from IMCF taken by the very talleneted Lukas Kowalonek

A great shot from IMCF taken by the very talleneted Lukas Kowalonek

One is chosen!


One Is Chosen


We have a winner for our Gladiator Challenge Place!

Congratulations Chris Dudley!

Come and join us in the arena!


Yes folks, we have a winner...

The glorious victor - Chris Dudley.

He shall enter the arena and find if he has what it takes to become a gladiator! Will he stand alone when his time comes or will loyal friends take up this challenge with him? Will he be triumphant and earn his mark? Only time will tell!

Enter the Ludus

So you think you've got what it takes to be transformed to a god of the arena? To stand upon the hallowed ground along side those that bear the mark? To swear the oath and become a gladiator?

Well, as it happens you're in luck!

This year we're running 2 Gladiator Challenges at 2 spectacular roman venues, Arbeia and Segedunum forts. You'll be trained by our Doctore and his chosen few.  They will put you through your paces with trials of strength and endurance, they will mould you into a warrior. They'll help you learn to fight like a gladiator!

What's more, we're giving you, yes you, a chance to win a place on the challenge! All you have to do is head over to our Facebook page, give it a like, share the Gladiator challenge post and tell us who you'd bring on the challenge with you. If you're the lucky winner you'll also get to bring up to 3 friends along at a 50% discounted price! Aren't we good to you?

So what are you waiting for? Get over to the page, get it done, get training - BECOME A GOD!

Standard registration is £39 per person. If you make it through the day you earn the respect of the Ludus, the adoration of the crowd and of course, your exclusive "I survived the ludus" t-shirt!

Do you believe?

It's Friday the 13th! Does it make you uneasy, anxious or downright terrified? Do you believe in all the superstition attached to the day? If so you might have Triskaidekaphobia - the irrational fear of the number 13!

Well regardless of how Friday the 13th makes you feel, it's impossible to overlook the connection that the date has had with the horror world. From The film of the same name right through to bad things going down at number 13, the fear is built on and built on by an industry solely designed to terrify!

It's no secret that we love a good scare here at The Historical Combat Company and if you've ever been brave enough to come on one of our horror experiences you'll know what we're talking about! We'll be marking this most unholy of days by trying out some new prosthetic pieces this evening and watching some of the great horror classics that we've dug out of Netflix and amazon.

The thing we've come to love about horror is the technicality of making a truly terrifying experience. Anyone can jump out and shout boo, giving you a fright - but we like to go so much deeper into it, we like to really get into what makes you scared, uncomfortable, nauseous...the things that are rooted in the psyche that scream "run away" at you.

Over the years there have been many great techniques in film making that create the perfect scare and it's not always about blood and gore, although that certainly plays a part! For a master class in horror look no further than the masterful work of Val Lewton, he created a scare so iconic it's still used in movies to this day - The Lewton Bus. The early masters of horror didn't have CGI and big budgets to work with, it was still in the era of black and white! So lighting and atmosphere played a vital role in building up the tension and scaring the pants off the audience! The players have to make you repulsed by them, wary of them, outright terrified of them, pure hatred and revulsion in a heartbeat and that's harder than it looks. Putting it all together in a package for a film is truly an art form. If you've ever seen anything by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Eli Roth, Guillermo del Toro or James Wan you'll know what we mean.

In subsequent years directing greats have pushed horror into a huge, almost cult genre, with conventions and scare attractions becoming ever more popular. What is possibly even more incredible that the genre is now so vast that there are full subdivisions and fandoms within each; from Slasher, to Hammer or Zombies to The infected, Vampires and Werewolves (no not that Twilight rubbish real vampires like Lost Boys!) All we can say is that horror truly is a vast field and that field is littered with corpses and soaked in red.

Happy Friday the 13th! Be careful out there, whatever you are!