Newcastle Castle Historical Horror Tour 2017

Published by: Lily Oak Hannington on 28th Nov 2016 | View all blogs by Lily Oak Hannington

We're happy to announce that after the success of the first Historical Horror Tour, we will be returning to Newcastle Castle to roll the show out as a full production in 2017.



Each tour will take approximately 45 minutes, you will be guided around the castle by one of our guides who will point out some of the castles more interesting features.


Tickets available now!

28th April 2017

Tour Start Time



7th July 2017

Tour Start Time


8th July 2017

Tour Start Time


20th October 2017

Tour Start Time


21st October 2017

Tour Start Time


Please note you will recieve an email confirming the exact start time of your tour in the week leading up to the event. We do not send out physical tickets, you will be asked to confirm your details on the door. If a large group books together we make every effort to place you on the same tour, however for very large groups this is not always possible and we will contact you if this is an issue.


Please note this show is not suitable for people under 15 years of age. Due to the walking nature of the show and the venue, this show is unfortunately not suitable for those with mobility problems. Please not this show is a theatrical performance intended to scare the audience, if you have adverse reactions to sudden loud noises, people/objects suddenly appearing, or are of a generally nervous disposition the show may not be suitable for you.



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